Board (2019-2020)

Meera Rothman: 

Meera is so excited to be one of the co-Editor in Chiefs of the Human Rights Journal! She is a junior from Baltimore and is majoring in Ethics, Politics, and Economics. She also serves as co-president of RISE, a group that tutors refugee and immigrant students in New Haven. Meera enjoys running (preferably downhill), swimming, and creative writing.

Alina Glaubitz:

Alina is very excited to be serving as co-Editor in Chief! As an aspiring lawyer, Alina enjoys researching human rights abuses, particularly sexual and gender-based crimes, and works with the New Haven Legal Aid Association to facilitate U-Visa applications. Aside from her professional interests, she loves to ice-skate, to dance (whenever, wherever), but above all, to eat colossal amounts of mango.

Andrew Bilodeau:

Andrew Bilodeau is a junior history major with an interest in criminal justice and civil rights. He’s a Communication and Consent Educator and serves as the Outreach Coordinator for the Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project. In his free time, you’ll find him writing, watching Netflix, and arguing about sports.

Teodora Tyankova:

Teodora Tyankova is from Bulgaria. She is a junior in Silliman majoring in Economics. She is also part of the Human Rights educational program, where she specializes in reproductive health and women’s rights. On campus, she leads the Yale Undergraduate Women’s Health Journal, and she is a Peer Liaison for the international students. She spent her summer doing work on human rights and reproductive justice in her home country and plans on pursuing further professional and academic development in the sphere. She is also a big fan of horror flicks and chocolate. 

Vishwa Padigepati:

Vishwa currently serves as the Online Editor for the Yale Journal of Human Rights. She is currently a freshman at Grace Hopper College interested in studying international relations and human rights. She is also involved as an editor for the Yale Review of International Studies and is on the team of Yale Undergraduate Legal Aid Association. In her free time, she can be seen playing tennis, youtube surfing, or finding good places to eat.


McKenna Christmas:

McKenna is a first year from Fredericksburg, Virginia. A potential Political Science major, she has always been interested in human rights, specifically the right to education and the rights of refugees. In addition to her work as an Associate Editor and writer for the Human Rights Journal, she is an active member of the Yale International Relations Association, the Yale Undergraduate Legal Aid Association, and Yale UNICEF. She is a writer for the Yale Globalist as well as a team leader for the Lowenstein Human Rights Project run through Yale Law School. In her free time she enjoys volunteering at local education non-profits.

Emiliano Salomón:

Emiliano is a sophomore from Los Angeles, CA studying Philosophy and Latin American Studies. He is an associate editor for the Human Rights Journal and focuses on problems relating to labor-rights and modern slavery. Emiliano is also involved in the Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project and New Haven Reads. In his free time, Emiliano can be found listening to music and watching movies. 

Emily Wang:

Emily is a sophomore in Pauli Murray college, studying applied math. She is an associate editor for the journal, and she is particularly interested in the human rights issues arising from inequalities in access to education. She is also involved with the Roosevelt Institute and teaches for Yale Sprout. In her spare time, she likes to do crossword puzzles or play piano.

Lica Porcile:

Being the daughter of Uruguayans, born in Brazil but raised in Chile, Lica has always been drawn to international affairs. How different countries deal with each other, and how they treat their citizens has been a topic of enduring interest to her. Consequently, she is a center head for the Roosevelt Institute’s Foreign Policy institute and has written to the Human Rights Journal and the Politic on different national and international issues. She is so thrilled to continue learning about human rights and expanding her topics of expertise on new regions and issues by being an editor to the Human Rights Journal this Year!